A Home Away From Home

The UCLA Tiverton House provides families with a safe, comfortable place to stay while they have loved ones at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. Gifts to Partnership for Care, which is a part of the UCLA Fund, help underwrite living expenses at Tiverton House for patients and/or their families during medical emergencies or prolonged treatments.

Partnership For Care At A Glance

Partnership for Care  supplies funding to create and sustain valuable programs that directly enhance patients' and their loved ones' experience, while offering them dignity and hope in the healing process.

In addition to underwriting living expenses at Tiverton House, in 2011, Partnership for Care also supported the following:
  • Clinical Social Workers provided complimentary care to more than 9,000 patients through various long-term acute care, home health care, rehabilitation, skilled nursing and/or durable medical equipment, such as crutches, wheelchairs, walkers, and car seats.
  • People-Animal Connection (PAC) visited 6,000 patients and numerous visitors.
  • End-of-Life Resource and Support Program at Santa Monica-UCLA Medical Center and Orthopaedic Hospital offered resources to more than 250 families.
  • Subsidized patient care totaling $380,000 was awarded to patients with great financial need.

Exterior of Tiverton House. Photo from www.tivertonhouse.ucla.edu

Kiki Holzen’s daughter, Sedona, was born with left ventricular noncompaction, a rare congenital cardiomyopathy.

Sedona’s San Diego pediatrician did not catch her condition, even after Kiki brought her in several times over four weeks. The baby’s heart began to fail. When doctors finally discovered the problem, it seemed as if the only answer was a heart transplant. She was transported to the pediatric intensive care unit at Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA, where she initially responded to the medicine given to her for her enlarged heart, earning her the nickname of “miracle baby.”

Kiki eventually was able to take Sedona home to San Diego, where she thrived for several months. But the child’s heart began to fail once again, and the family returned to UCLA to prepare for a heart transplant and to have Sedona be put on a left-ventricular-assist device (LVAD).

During both of Sedona’s stays, Kiki was vigilant about watching over her daughter, many times going days without any food or sleep. When she was forced to finally rest, she stayed at UCLA Tiverton House, a 100-room hotel in Westwood designed to meet the needs of Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center patients and their families. There, Kiki found the comfort and solace she needed to care for her sick child.

“I was so stressed and so scared,” Kiki said. “To have compassionate people who smile at you when you walk in the room – they didn’t need to do that, they were just super, super nice.”

Kiki lost Sedona a short time after the LVAD was inserted. In honor of her baby, she is asking her friends and family to donate to UCLA Tiverton House. It is important to her that other families who may have a similar situation as hers and Sedona’s have a place to find comfort.

“It’s nice to feel at home,” said Kiki. “At Tiverton House, you can feel safe.”

Interview and data completed by UCLA Medical Sciences Development