Meet the 2015-16 UCLA Fund Student Giving Committee!

About the Student Giving Committee

The Student Giving Committee is comprised of well-rounded and diverse Bruins who want to make a difference by inspiring and motivating fellow students to support the causes they believe in most at UCLA. They strive to build a culture of philanthropy while simultaneously creating a more profound connection between current students and their university. The Student Giving Committee is made up and run completely by students for students and it cultivates today’s Bruins to become dedicated and connected alumni.

Chair: Veda Vajpeyi ‘16

Cultivation Subcommittee
Vice Chair: Kailee Guthrie ‘17

Ava Corales ‘19
Ray Esquivel ‘19
Jordan Lueder ‘16
Tyler Suh ‘17
Orly Termeie

Solicitation Subcommittee
Vice Chair: Joan Tsuei ‘17

Laurie Femmel ‘16
Keegan Hawkins ‘19
Shelby Krivis ‘17
Cristal Plantt ‘17
Shae Rowe ‘17
Alyson Watkins ‘17

Stewardship Subcommittee
Vice Chair: Diane Tsang ‘18

Brooke Collins ‘17
Briawna Cougle ‘17
Angela Rose David ‘18
Krystsina Shabanava ‘19
Omar Torres ‘16
Connie Zhou ‘18

Contact Us

For more information, email